EQX High-Performance Tea Blends

A cup of tea not only hydrates, it can also provide medicinal benefits. We have created our own unique blends for high-performance defense. Our EQX tea blends are available for purchase and provided in the comfort of our guest rooms.

Immunity Tea

A power berry blend helps boost the immune system and impart antioxidants. It can promote detoxification and may provide relief from cold and flu symptoms.

Recover Tea

A recuperating blend to boost metabolism, ease aching muscles and reduce fatigue while enhancing vitality. 

Power Down Tea

A restorative sleep blend using adaptogen herbs, nervines and flavonoids act as a digestif to calm insomnia and stress while optimizing body recovery.

Regenerate Tea

A zesty antioxidant vitality blend to help restore balance in the body, promote clear thinking while enhancing energy.


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