The Art + Science of Sleep by Equinox Hotels is a 2-night stay in a room entirely optimized for sleep. The in-room AM + PM Rituals program provides guests with sound, movement, and breath-work techniques designed to regulate their circadian rhythm, along with amenities that support wakefulness in the AM and sleep in the PM.

Enjoy the Spa Wave Table that provides the equivalent of 3 hours of sleep in just 30 minutes, along with two cryotherapy treatments that improve deep sleep quality by reducing cortisol levels and increasing oxygen and blood flow throughout the body. The experience includes access to the hot and cold plunges that support overall recovery, muscle fatigue, and relaxation.

Ready for bed? Wind down with a food and beverage item that naturally increases melatonin production to ease into a deep restorative sleep. Simply hit the bedside button: Dark. Quiet. Cool and the room shuts down to the optimal sleep environment. This is your sleep performance optimized.

It doesn’t stop there.. for a more profound sleep experience, we recommend an extended stay of 5-days where you can immerse yourself with our additional sleep system add-ons. Choose from our extensive spa menu offerings such as the Sleep and Power Up IV-Drips to support AM clarity and PM relaxation,  Superfood Spa Menu providing indulgently healthy food and beverage option that support AM + PM performance, or opt into Tier X training which includes a detailed health assessment, sleep coaching and more.

Sleep Experience